Our Environmental Responsibility

As a responsible employer, we recognise that we have a duty to protect the environment. Though we are primarily a software and service provider with no direct environmental impact through production, we have decided to launch these environmental regulations to reduce the effect of our activities on the environment. The regulations are based on ISO standard 14001:2004 and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) standard regulations 1221/2009.

We strive to:
- Comply with all applicable environmental regulations
- Prevent pollution whenever possible
- Train all staff on our environmental programme and empower them to contribute and participate
- Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our customers, staff, and our community
- Continually improve over time by measuring our environmental impacts and by setting goals to reduce these impacts on a regular basis
- Reduce air pollution by our policy of not having company cars

All our employees are obliged to:
- promote the efficient use of energy, water and paper
- follow the best practices with regard to waste management and recycling
- ensure that all recyclable waste is deposited in the appropriate recycling bins which are located in appropriate sections of the office
- pay attention to environmental aspects in procurement procedures
- encourage responsible and appropriate behaviour of others who can influence the environment
- take preventive measures to counter pollution
- ensure compliance with requirements laid down by environmental legislation and regulations

By these regulations, we undertake to pursue our environmental policy and to communicate it to our staff and contractors. This environmental policy is implemented through our management system and covers all the main environmental aspects of our activities.

Our tips for every day:
Save water. Turn the tap off completely and alert the appropriate department if you discover a leak.
Save energy. Turn off the light when it isn't needed and save electricity.
Take the stairs instead of the lift. It's better for your health and better for the environment!
Recycle your waste. Please use the appropriate bins. Waste which isn't sorted cannot be recycled!
Use public transport for your journeys. Transport is one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions.


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